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Stairways and a Scenic View


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Stairways and a Scenic View
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Moldova 2001

Some photos taken on the ground level of the building in which the Seminary is located.

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Paula with students Mariana and Irina at the entrance to the building that houses the Seminary.

The Seminary is located up on the eleventh floor. There are two elevators that work occasionally, but normally getting to the classrooms means taking the stairs.

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John and Irina at the foot of the stairs leading up to the Seminary. A permanent garbage pile had taken up residence nearby.

"The stench from the dung that is on the stairwells to the Seminary and to the Professor's Flat is overwhelming at times, depending on the time factor in which it was just laid. You may ask, why would I be climbing 11 flights of stairs in 20 degree weather? It is because the 2' by 3' elevator doesn't work. Mind you, this isn't all that lies in the stairwell. Puddles of large moisture areas emitting unusual fragrances are to be avoided. I always hold the shoulder of someone as I go up or down because in many places the stairwell is missing that all-important part, the handrail.

"The first half hour of my first day of class the elevator was working, but 20 minutes later it was not and two of my students were trapped in it for almost two hours. I kept asking, "Where are two of the missing students?" They smiled and said politely, "In the elevator." I thought it was some Moldovan joke for saying they were sleeping late, goofing off, or something. It wasn't until two hours later when my students walked in with their faces colored a deep hue of purple, white smoke still coming from their nostrils and a chill air that lingered over me as they passed by to take their seats, did I finally understand their plight. I have been taking the stairs and most of the time it is because the elevators no longer work. At least no one can be trapped in them. Note: There is no heat in the elevator." - Paula