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Life in Kishinev


Life in Kishinev
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Moldova 2001

Step carefully and carry a working flashlight...

Moldova lacks many of the modern conveniences that Westerners take for granted. Things like hot and cold running water, or water always coming out of the faucet at any temperature, elevators that normally work and lighted stairwells are not taken for granted here.

Paula in an Elevator

Paula on the elevator to the Professors' Flat. We're in luck - it is working!

"The city is cold and barren with the leaves long having since fallen off the trees. The streets are filthy and they are going through a dry spell in what is supposed to be their wet season. There is excrement on the stairs and the plaster is falling off the buildings. Clothes are hanging from balconies that only serve to contrast with the dirty walls. Paula and I love our time here. The light of the gospel is shining brightly in this dark place -- when it is dark, it only takes a little light to shine brightly. Christians here shine with a visible light." - John

"I can't tell you how filthy this city is. It is unbelievable. I have been in cow pastures that smell better than the lobby, if you can call it a lobby. The elevators really should only hold two people at a time but everyone crams in, and then they don't even talk or smile or look at you. It creaks and groans its way up and down the shaft and sometimes it doesn't come at all. I walked up the eleven flights to the seminary at 7:30 this morning when it wasn't working and later walked back down again, dodging the piles of dung on the way. As my students passed me in the stairwell, each one would grab a part of my load to carry on the way. I didn't even have to ask. In some parts of the halls of the building that houses the seminary the garbage and filth is piled high. I guess missionaries shouldn't have a sense of smell. By contrast, the floor that is occupied by the seminary is clean and bright, having been remodeled by Ron and is constantly maintained. We are staying in the low rent district. It is hard for me to get used to the dogs roaming the city and hearing the constant howling throughout the night. This could even get old to a dog-lover like Tom.

"The friendliness of the students is incredible and all the more striking because of the contrast with the common Moldovan. Christ makes a difference. It is like light and darkness." - Paula