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Moldova 2000

Preparing tomorrow's leaders today

Seminary Building

The normal meetingplace and offices for the seminary are on the 11th floor of a major high-rise. However, the seminary classes are presently meeting instead at a local college of music. These rooms are on the first floor, meaning that there are no stairs to climb or elevators to chance. The rooms are also a lot more spacious than those of the seminary. The bad news is that they are also unheated, something that will be sorely missed should they continue to meet there through next year.
Three classes meet in the morning - Tom Mason teaches 3rd year student on the Church, Greg Shipley (a former classmate of mine from FBC) teaches a class of 1st year students the Minor Prophets, and I have a mixed class of 2nd and 4th years students as I teach Biblical Archaeology. There are two hours of class, broken by a chapel, which is then followed by another two hours of class.

I found the students eager to learn, hanging on every word and hungry for a deeper understanding of the Scriptures.

Moldova Bible Seminary

The Moldova Bible Seminary grew out of a felt need for leadership in the church. We often take for granted a society which has historic Christian roots. Moldova is a society that has been anti-christ for the past 70 years. The older people have been told all of their lives that there is no God. Any Bible content has been carefully cut out, not only of their public education, but out of every possible strata of society. As a result, they are a people ignorant of the very basics of Christianity.

It was to fill this gap particularly among the leaders of the church that Kishinev Bible Seminary was formed.