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Moldova 2000
Video Ron

Ron Peters was the unsung hero of our trip. His mission was to shoot video for a production which would be distributed.

Since there are two Rons constantly being called, our own Ron Peters soon comes by the nickname "Video Ron" as he is never to be seen without his large camera. On the first day of classes, he finds that the camera is showing a constant and irritating flickering. Try as he will, he can not get it to stop and fears that his trip will be in vain.

Checking it out on the morning of the second day, it was back up and running. The problem was that the Russian florescent lights were putting out an electrical charge that was interfering with the camera. When we turn off the lights and only went with the natural light from the windows, the camera works fine.

Ron has the impression that he will tape a couple of days of classes and some shots of the seminary and perhaps a short interview with Ron and Dorcas and his job will be over. Nothing could be further from the truth. After the first two days, we hardly see Ron as he is busy from sunup to sundown touring all of the various areas of ministry throughout the city: The maximum security prison, the orphanage, hospitals, the public buildings, Bible studies and evangelistic meetings - Ron sees it all. I am looking forward to seeing his video and the behind-the-scenes look at Mission Moldova.

Video Rom

Ron shows off his camera equipment

Ron was only with us for the first week. The morning he left, he had to be up around 4:30 a.m. and I said my farewells to him last night. This morning at breakfast, Greg came running into the kitchen, proclaiming, "I checked in Ron's bed and the tomb is empty! He has risen and the grave clothes are folded neatly with the pillow folded separately by itself." You have to be able to visualize Greg's British brand of humor to get the full gist, but Ron would have appreciated the post send-off.