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Moldova 2000

Teaching at the Moldova Bible Seminary

Classroom scene

I have been scheduled to teach a class entitled "Biblical Archaeology." The class runs each day from 8 in the morning to noon. These students are a mixed class of 2nd and 4th year students. They have learned enough English so that I do not have to resort to a translator.

Tom is slated for two classes - in the morning he teaches on "The Health of the Church" while in the afternoon he teaches "Marriage and Family Counseling." I have agreed to take some of these afternoon class sessions. This becomes helpful when our luggage containing Tom's teaching notes is 3 days late getting to Moldova.

On Friday Evening there is a large service with around 250-300 in attendance. They have a large theatre hall in the rear of the Music Center. Eugene, our Moldovan flat-mate, is leading the praise band and the music is good. He is an accomplished worship leader as well as the translator for Ron's sermons. Lyrics are done first in Russian and then in English. It is wonderful to hear the Lord being praised in various tongues. This is followed by a time of praise and exhortation where various members of the church stand and share with the congregation. Everything is bi-lingual with translations from Russian to English and back again. Finally there are prayer requests made after which people break up into small groups of 3-4 for a season of prayer. The service ends with the entire congregation joining hands and closing in a final hymn of praise and a prayer.

The Sunday Services begins at 3:15 in the afternoon. There is about a half hour to 45 minutes of music led by the praise and worship team which is headed by Eugene. One of my archaeology students is playing the bass guitar and Dorcas is on the keyboard. Songs are normally in Russian, but they repeat some in English. Ron preaches with Eugene translating. He closes with an invitation for those who wish to hear the gospel to meet with him in one of the side rooms. Such a gospel message normally takes quite a while as many of these seekers have little or no Biblical foundation and he regularly begins his sharing of the gospel by talking to them of creation and Adam's fall into sin in the Garden and our resulting need of a Savior.