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Moldova 2000
The Heltons

Ron & Dorcas Helton are examples of what God can do with someone who is willing. Their story reads like something from the pages of the Bible and serves as a reminder that the God who did such mighty works at the hands of Moses and Elijah is still alive and well and doing great things in the world today.

Ron & Dorcas Helton

Ron is a businessman-turned-missionary who originally came to Moldova to help new businesses grow and develop. Instead, he and Dorcas found themselves leading a home Bible study which grew and developed into a church numbering in the hundreds. As the church has grown, they have seen the need for training leadership and it is from this need that the seminary has come about.

Ron is not seminary-trained. He is merely a man who loves Jesus and who wants other people to love Jesus, too. His sermons are simple and direct; the proclamation that Jesus died and rose again and that we can know life through Him.