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Andrew Paul McNeill
At the Hospital


At the Hospital
Dad and Baby
Two Months Old
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Intensive Care

Because of a high white blood cell count which is often indicative of an infection, little Andrew McNeill was moved into an Intensive Care Unit. However, when tests showed that there was no infection present, he was allowed to come home.

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Little Andrew McNeill "shakes hands" with Dad from inside his bed in I.C.U.

Ecclesiological Contractions

Contractions first started on Sunday morning as Sky and Lance were in the early service at St Andrews Presbyterian Church. Senior Pastor T.J. Campo later commented how the baby had "leapt for joy in his mother's womb at hearing the preaching of the gospel."

By the end of his first day, Baby McNeill still had not been given a name. Grandpa John was affectionately calling him "Little McNugget." But as of Friday, the latest addition to the McNeill family is officially Andrew Paul ("Paul" is Lance's middle name as well as belonging to the baby's maternal grandmother and great grandfather).