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Moldova 2000

Where on Earth is Moldova?

Map of Moldova

When I told people that I would be teaching at a seminary in Moldova, most responded with the question, "Where on earth is that?" Moldova is a new country that was formed in 1991 with the breakup of the U.S.S.R. It is located northwest of the Black Sea where it is wedged between Romania and the Ukraine. These people have been dominated by the Turks, Czarist Russia, Romania, Communism and Hitler's Germany. To this day they are a nation in flux.

St Andrews Presbyterian Church has adopted what has been termed the "Antioch Vision." This involves sending out our own Bible Teachers and ministers to serve as missionaries to foreign lands, just as the Antioch originally sent out its own members to spread to gospel to other nations. I would be accompanied by Minister to Families Tom Mason and by Videographer Ron Peters. Tom and I would be teaching for two weeks at the Moldova Bible Seminary while Ron's job was to shoot footage which would be used to form a documentary for Mission Moldova.