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Fire Fighting
Into the Fire

Looking for the Fire

Where there's smoke, there is fire

Most people's impression of the working end of a fire hose comes from hollywood movies that show giant flames and very little smoke. The truth is that being a fire fighter usually means you are down on your hands and knees and as blind as a bat from the dense smoke that swirls from ceiling to floor.

Approaching the fire

Face to face with fire

Finally there comes that moment when you are face to face with the fire. Contrary to the hoopla of Hollywood, it isn't alive, it isn't thinking, and it isn't out to get you unless you do something stupid. But it IS hot and you don't turn your back on it with immunity.

Every fire fighter who has ever been on his hands and knees inside a burning structure has paused to ask himself the same existential question: "What on earth am I doing here?"