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Fire Fighting

Another Year, A Different Shift - Year 2002

B-Shift Personnel with Day Staff

The men and women of Station 6 regularly staff Engine 6, Engine 206 and Rescue 6.  They are pictured here with several of the Day Staff.  From left to right:  Captain Lee Bennett (Operations & Training), FF Leah Hlavsa, Driver-Engineers Barry Fortney and Todd Fopiano, Captain Nancy Bormett (Hazardous Commodities Inspector), Captain Mike Holloway (Rescue 6), Driver-Engineer Traci Johnson, Captain John Stevenson (Shift Commander), FF Ed Hesser, Paramedic Doug Dow, FF Jay Zapack, FF Richard Berman.

B-Shift Crew for Engine 6 & Engine 206

From left to right:
Top Row:  FF Jay Zapack, DE Barry Fortney, DE Traci Johnson.
Middle Row:  Lieutenant Timothy Bellus, FF/Paramedic Leah Hlavsa, FF Richard Berman, FF/Paramedic Roland Fernandez, FF Robert Fazekas.
Bottom Row:  Captain John Stevenson, DE Todd Fopiano.